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25 Apr Hilltop Launch…..

Hilltop is excited to announce the arrival of the latest technology by GUINOT, Hydraderm Cellular Energy - The Alternative to Aesthetic Medicine The launch will commence at 6:30 PM with a champagne welcome, followed by a live demonstration performed by our Guinot account executive at 7:00...

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01 Nov Winter

9 Reasons Hilltop Loves Winter 1. Taking a Dip  Immerse the skin in nourishing and calming bath and shower products by Guinot. Hilltops advise; keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and exfoliated in these harsh winter months to maintain perfectly soft and nourished skin that lasts the season....

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27 May Katherine Daniels Skin Scope

Katherine Daniels Skin Scope If you have been to Hilltop over the past few weeks you would have noticed that there is some excitment brewing. As you know we have been dedicated and loyal supporters of the GUINOT professional skin care range for over 30 years and...

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